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The CIG Insider NJ Podcast

The CIG InsiderNJ Podcast, a brand-new joint venture brought to you by Capital Impact Group and InsiderNJ, focuses on the stories behind the headlines in New Jersey politics.  Host Paul Crupi sits down with the State’s most influential political leaders and personalities for insightful conversations that delve into the guest’s background, defining career moments, and major life influences that brought them to where they are today. Tune in for fascinating stories, surprising anecdotes, and revelatory interviews with the people that live and breathe New Jersey politics.

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May 23, 2019

Assemblyman Kevin Rooney has served in the legislature since 2016, and prior to that has worn many different hats in his lifetime. An experienced arboriculturist, salesman, and business owner; a reality-show winning home chef, and, as he was known on national news during a freak snowstorm, the mayor who canceled Halloween, the Assemblyman most of all should be recognized as someone who is absolutely devoted to serving his community. His first break in public service came as a member of his local zoning board at the behest of his father-in-law, who clearly saw potential in the young man who at the time was running a tree management company.
During our conversation the Assemblyman tells me about how his experiences as a committeeman and mayor of Wykoff Township helped him to realize his passion for public service, which he continues to foster in the state legislature. He also talks about his bipartisan advocacy for an environmental issue that garnered international attention, and his interest in raising greater awareness for the NJ state animal. Finally, we talk about his time on the hit TV cooking competition Chopped, and how his love for cooking also allows him to serve those who are less fortunate.