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The CIG Insider NJ Podcast

The CIG InsiderNJ Podcast, a brand-new joint venture brought to you by Capital Impact Group and InsiderNJ, focuses on the stories behind the headlines in New Jersey politics.  Host Paul Crupi sits down with the State’s most influential political leaders and personalities for insightful conversations that delve into the guest’s background, defining career moments, and major life influences that brought them to where they are today. Tune in for fascinating stories, surprising anecdotes, and revelatory interviews with the people that live and breathe New Jersey politics.

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Apr 27, 2020

This is a special quarantine edition of the CIG Insider NJ podcast, and my guest is Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso of the 13th legislative district.

Assemblywoman DiMaso had just begun her 2nd term as a legislator in January and, as a newly minted member of the budget committee, expected a robust learning experience during...

Jan 6, 2020

Senator Vin Gopal is wrapping up his first term as a state senator and, indeed, coming up on his first two years ever of holding elected office. The millennial senator brings us behind the scenes on the campaign trail, first as chair of the Monmouth County Democratic Party as he managed a victory against incumbent...